My Child Was Called a Fag on Facebook

My Child Was Called a Fag on Facebook

Who calls an 8 month old baby a  fag? A fag on Facebook?

Yeah, that really happened.

Last week , I like many others, changed my Facebook profile picture to the sign of equality for gay rights to marry. I’m a supporter. I’m a fan.

I also posted this  picture of me and my son behind a rainbow hue in support. What did I get?

Hate mail.

And I quote, “You should really be ashamed of yourself.  Why don’t you spend more time teaching your son the bible instead of teaching him how to be a fag?!”

Umm… What the fuck did you just say?

No, I wasn’t an adult about it. I wasn’t PR friendly. I told the woman she was a huge bitch and I banned her from my Facebook page. I also made an announcement to my followers that if they don’t like what they read to kindly unlike the page and move on. It’s a simple as that.

The Bible? Hmm. I think she needs to reread a page or two because the last I checked Jesus loves everyone. Gay or not.

I don’t quite understand what God has to do with the CIVIL right to get married and have equal rights as heterosexual people. The homosexual community isn’t asking to take over the Catholic Church and have fabulous gay weddings complete with glow sticks, disco balls, and rainbow flags. They are asking  for the right to wed, file taxes as a married couple, protect their love ones with medical benefits, and hold their hands during their dying days. The last I checked none of those things has anything to do with God.

You know what? I hope my son becomes half the man his gay godfather and uncle is.  I hope he loves and respects woman as much as his lesbian aunt does. I hope he treats animals with kindness and compassion as much as my gay best friend does. And if he just so happens to be gay like several more of his extended family members, we will love and support him no matter what. Complete with glow sticks and rainbow flags.

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