You Lose, Baby Shoes!

You Lose, Baby Shoes!
They cost WHAT????

My little man is growing like a weed. He is happy, healthy, and costing us a small damn fortune. Honestly, in today’s world, how can anyone afford to send their children to college when a pair of baby shoes costs a million dollars. Baby… f-ing…shoes.

Explain to me, how THAT costs just as much as THAT? (See above photo). Due to my previous pregnancy hormones my shoe size exploded to a size 11 and hasn’t recovered. My infant son, who is 8 months old, now wears a infant size 3. Somebody splain’ to me how they cost within $10 of each other? Is there a little old woman who lives in a shoe hand making each damn one? Are they all unique? Is there a little ” Handmade with love by…” Embroidered on the tongue of each shoe? Because at $50 a pair there best be!

Back in the day my parents shopped at Kmart for our shoes. As we got older we graduated onto Payless. Never did I own a pair of name brand shoes. I never even got hand me down shoes. I carried this stigma into my adulthood. I bought my first pair of Nikes when I was in my late 20’s.  However, it seems that our generation has no problem dropping $50 on a pair of shoes for a child that will literally grow out of them in a matter of WEEKS all because they are “sooooo cute!”

I admit, the thought crossed my mind. How cute would Bubba Joe look sporting a infant sized pair of Pumas or Nikes? Then I bitched slapped myself and headed over to Target and settled on some rad OshKosh B’goshes. For fuck’s sake, he doesn’t know the difference! He can’t even walk. But, as pictured here, he does have a new pair of New Balance sneakers. Did I pay full price for those babies?? Oh hell no! Mommy found these creeping in the clearance section and scored them for a cool $15.00. Ha!

Bubba Joe is SOOOO last year!


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