My Toddler Did What?

My Toddler Did What?
What do you think this is? A zoo???

Has your child ever done something where you look at him/her and think to yourself, “What did I do to deserve this?”  “Where did I go wrong?” ” Who’s fucking kid is this???” Well, I have! My darling angel has done something that has made me speechless again. As we all know being a mom of a toddler is fucking hard. These little darlings  get frustrated at certain situations and since they do not have the language skills yet to express how they feel, they act out.

My daughter’s main teacher has been out sick for 2 weeks with a horrible bout of bronchitis, RSV, and double ear infection. The daycare has used a couple different substitute teachers in her room. Well, my little buttercup gave them all a run for their money. She would not listen, she would not take a nap, she would talk back, and she would spit at them. Each time she was put in timeout for this negative behavior.

My darling was having a particularly bad day and was in time out for the third time. An evil presence consumed her and she hatched a plan to get revenge on the substitute teacher. She had a bowel movement in her Pull-Up. She pulled the poop out of her drawers and smeared it all over her shirt.  Yes, she painted the poop on her shirt like she was a Native American Indian warrior ready for war. Oh my God!  When they told me what she had done, I was livid. I asked her in front of the teachers why she would do that. She just said, ” I don’t know.” In my head I know she didn’t have an answer. After all,  she is only two.

When her main teacher returned her behavior significantly improved. I guess she was just upset that the main teacher was out sick. And since she could not articulate how she felt she became  possessed by the devil. Either that or she is already learning how to abuse the substitute teacher. If that’s the case, I have many years of detention to look forward to. Let’s just hope she grows out of painting with poop by the time she hits high school. I’m certain that would be frowned upon.  Does anyone else have these kind of problems with their toddlers?


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