Get Your Groove On With GrooveBook!

Do me a favor. Take out your IPhone or Android  phone and go to your photo gallery. How many do you have? 100, 200, more??? How many of those photos do you have printed, sitting in a pretty album, photo frame, or scrapbook?  I bet little to none.

I’m almost 9 months into parenthood and I already suck. I’ve officially become one of those parents that take a shit ton of photos and never gets them developed. I had goals. I did.  I swear. I was going to write in my son’s baby book, keep up with his growth calendar, start a photo album, and scrapbook a mean ass memory book. Waa, waa, waa…….EPIC FAIL!  I have not come close to completing any of these things. I started the baby book, the growth calendar, and I collected a shit ton of memories and photos which just so happen to be saved on my trusty cell phone and SD card of my camera. Trusty cell phone? I think not!

My coworker recently lost all 800 plus photos that were “safely” tucked away on her “smart” phone. Almost 5 years of memories GONE! If that happened to me, I would seriously need to be committed. I’m talking white padded room. I started to really think about how I would feel if I were in her shoes and I couldn’t fathom the loss. That’s when I found GrooveBook.

GrooveBook is an A- MAZ-ING  FREE app for IPhone and Android users. With this awesome app you can upload up to 100 photos from your device’s camera roll to GrooveBook  and they not only print them up for you, but they are date and time stamped, and printed and bound  into a handy, beautiful 4.5″ x 6.5″ photobook for FREE and mails it to you monthly. The prints are perforated so that you can safely remove them and place them in frames, albums, etc. Did I mention it was FREE? All you pay is $2.99 for shipping. You can’t get that kind of deal anywhere!

You know what else is free?? Your first month compliments of Chi-Town Mommy Mayhem!  That’s right, GrooveBook is going to waive the $2.99 shipping charge for your first month just for being friends of the Mayhem Nation.  Just  head on over to the Apple App Store on your IPhone or Google Play on Android devices and download the GrooveBook App.  From there you can upload the first 100 photos of your choosing, create an account, and enter coupon code CHITOWNGROOVE.

I’m so happy with my first album. I finally have the prints of Bubba Joe’s birth and the past 8 months on paper, safe and sound, and soon entering his first year photo album and baby book. If only they made an app for that……….

Don’t forget….CHITOWNGROOVE for your free album!


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