Idiot Drivers

Idiot Drivers

I have no idea how some people have a driver’s license. Lately, I have seen an increase in how horrible people actually drive. I know, this phenomenon is not new but it still amazes me. Sadly, it isn’t just regular Joe people,  it is the police too.

Yesterday I witnessed a cop ride a person’s ass for about a mile. The vehicle was doing the speed limit if not a little under because of traffic. Than the cop cut off another driver and rode on my tail. I know they run plates all the time but to ride my bumper is insane. What if I had to break suddenly to avoid hitting someone?  That cop would have taken out my back end. Do you think he would have given himself a ‘Following too closely ticket’? I would have been the one to go to jail for that incident. Luckily, after a few blocks the police car flew passed me and turned the corner at 20 mph. He did not have his lights on, he was just driving like an idiot.

I have also have seen an increase in the 80 – 90 year old seniors driving. They can not maintain speed or stay in their own lane. They do not use their turn signals. I have to honk to get them to go through the green light. They are worse than the drunks on New Year’s Eve. There should be a new test at the DMV for the elderly. If you can’t see 2 inches in front of your face, you can’t hold your bladder, or remember your name throughout the whole day, than you don’t need a damn license!

Than you have the wannabe NASCAR drivers. These particular idiots buy the Porsche or Ferrari and have no idea how to handle the horsepower. These cars do not do well in town driving let alone in rush hour. Than they act retarded trying to zip in and out of cars. They rush up on your back end and rev their engines at you and flash their lights at you. If I didn’t have my toddler in my van I would slam on my brakes.

And let’s not forget the Texters. Yes, texting while driving. My favorite. They either drive as slow as mollasses, are all over the road, or are simply stuck in a time warp at a traffic light.

Anyone else have issues with idiot drivers?

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