Boob Check

Boob Check

I wear glasses.  Lately, my vision has gotten worse, so I made an appointment with the eye doctor. He informed me that my eyesight has changed significantly  His analysis was based on my current prescription. I now need bifocals… great.  Bifocals at 41 years old. Really? Are you F-ing kidding me?  I could tell there was a change at night  but I didn’t realize how bad my eyes have gotten. If this wasn’t depressing enough,  I  found a lump in my left breast last Friday.

Yes, I said it. I found a lump. Talk about panic. I immediately called my family doctor. Unfortunately, it was too late to get into their office so they advised me to go to Urgent Care. The doctor at Urgent Care confirmed,  they felt the lump too. Being that they are not my primary doctor  they could not order an ultrasound or mammogram. Way to go health care system  in the United States!  Unfortunately, I had to wait until Monday. As you can imagine,  my weekend  was filled with terrifying thoughts that this was really bad.

On Monday, I headed to  my doctor’s office. They sent me immediately to the Diagnostic Center. I had an ultrasound, mammogram, and results all within an hour and a half.  I am thankful the news was good. I am just fine. It was  just a pocket of dense tissue. I am grateful my family physician jumped on this issue quickly and everything got taken care of promptly. I am so happy that this did not turn into a disaster.

So, ladies make sure you check your boobies!  Have your boyfriend, girlfriend, or husband check your boobies on a regular basis!
Have you checked  your boobies lately?

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