Petty Theft

Petty Theft

As we all know,  toddlers are extremely curious about their surroundings. They are absorbing everything through all of their senses. My little nugget likes to touch things and than look at them..with her hands. Unfortunately, everything goes in her pockets.

I have to check her pants and coat pockets before I do laundry. Isn’t this what you do when you live with a man?  I found money last week. I have no idea where she got said money because I am broke. I also found a piece of popcorn, a broken necklace, and socks. The socks surprised me since they were actually a clean pair. She usually only puts dirty socks in her pockets.

I have to watch her at stores. She has been known to swipe stuff from Walmart at the checkout. Recently, she just leaned right over and grabbed a weird shaped lip gloss and a pack of gum. Luckily, I caught her and I put those things back.  However, The other day I was at the gas station and the cashier came out after me.  I didn’t realize my nugget grabbed a bag of salted peanuts. When we were in the store,  I took a bag away from her. Leave it to the little klepto to take another bag! I was so embarrassed. I began muttering to myself about the incident which made me look insane and irresponsible at the same time.

I can see it now. She will end up in Juvi at the age of 5 for knocking over a bank.

Tell me, what has your little toddler shoplifted lately?


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