The Joy of Aging-"Older Moms" and Toddlers

The Joy of Aging-"Older Moms" and Toddlers
"Run Forest, Run!"

Have you ever been somewhere and someone mistakes your status in life? I had my daughter at the doctor’s for a wellness check and the nurse said to me “Hi grandma, is mom coming today?”.  I gave her the evil eye and informed her I was mom. She looked at me like I was lying.  I had my daughter at 38. I am sorry you stupid white trash moron that not every woman with a 2 year old is a grandma. I am well aware I am an “older mom” with a toddler. I know there are plenty of women my age that have 16-21 year old children and I could be a grandma but I am not. I decided to keep my legs closed in high school and pursue a career afterwards. You would think the nurse would have noticed my angel yelling “mom!” at me. Honest to God, I really think people have lost all sense of social graces.

This brings me to my next point. My birthday is tomorrow. I will be 41. I never thought I would be this damn old with a 2 year old. I love my daughter beyond life itself. I love being a mom. I have so much fun with her. However, I wish I was 10 years younger. A toddler’s energy level is through the roof.  Unlike my daughter, I don’t know exactly how or why I  lost my energy, I just really need it back. She wants me to run and play with her. And I do it because she likes to stay busy. Unfortunately, I am so sore by the end of the weekend it isn’t even remotely funny. It isn’t like I can call my doctor and say I need pain killers because my two year old is too physical for me.

I need to meet Marty McFly and his DeLorean and go back in time and bring my 31 year old, high energy, self back here to the present. It would make things significantly easier and drinking more tolerable.

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