The Social Media Outhouse

The Social Media Outhouse

You know you do this.

Don’t lie.

The kids are running around the house, the baby is fussing, and your husband is ignoring it all. You just need a break.

When was the last time you used the bathroom today other than to wash sour milk out of your hair?

You decide to interrupt your husband’s “me time” by taking a little time for yourself. “Honey”, you say, “Can you keep an eye on them? I really need to use the bathroom.” And off you go.

Smartphone in hand.

Yes, it’s Social Media outlet time! There you sit, Facebooking and peeing all at the same time. But then you stop and listen….they are managing just fine without you. And you move onto Twitter. Suddenly you realize, your legs are starting to fall asleep and your ass is sticking to the toilet seat. How long have you been in here? Suddenly there is a knock on the door. “Honey? Are you okay in there?”. Shit! Busted! Your 20 minute social media mommy time is over.

I do this at least once a day.

Sometimes this is the only time I get to be alone. Except I usually push it five more minutes, checking a blog or two. My partner always asks me if I feel better when I exit. I wonder if he knows my secret or just thinks I have really great bowl habits??

Tell me, how often are you using the Social Media Outhouse?


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