My New Year's Resolutions

My New Year's Resolutions

This week’s Theme Thursday is New Year’s Resolutions. As I look to Resolve (and I don’t mean the carpet cleaner ) for 2013, I hope that I can accomplish at least one of these things. After all, like most people, I’m a  failure at resolutions. I guess I will give it another try!

1) Forget about losing weight. What did you say???  Look, we all say it every year. “I’m going on a diet the first of the year!” and it’s always an epic fail. This year I just vow not to gain anymore weight…. unless it’s baby weight.  (should we get pregnant and no I am not at this time, thank you very much.)

2) Get a real haircut and dye job. No more box treatments. I will stop being a cheap, lazy, do it yourself, ass.

3) Be more understanding of men and their ways. Accept what I can not change nor will any woman be able to change in their man.

4) Be more organized. Again, another epic fail for me year after year but damn it, I’m going for it again this year.

5) Attempt to be more intimate with my partner.  He’s not deprived but my pre baby sex drive left the day my vagina shot out a 6 pound 4 ounce turkey. I guess I need to get my groove back if we are going start trying for baby #2.

6) Buy some non frumpy mommy clothes.   I’m pushing forty, 32 days to be exact and my wardrobe looks every bit of Mrs. Doubtfire.

7) Make a scrap book of Bubba Joe’s first year. Every photo I have taken is stored on my computer or IPhone. He doesn’t have an album yet nor are his picture frames filled. FAIL!

8) Try to cook more. We really need to get Giordano’s and the local Chinese Food restaurant off speed dial.

9) Try to be more positive. I’ve always been a glass half full type of gal. However, for the past year I’ve been a glass empty, shattered on the ground, type of gal. I need to pull my head out of my ass and realize life isn’t so damn bad.

10) Invent the cure for the hangover. This mommy needs to drink more! The morning after repercussions suck!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?


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  • I hate new years resolutions so im gonna spin off your diet non-resolution

    MY NON-Resolutions

    1. I will not resolve to lose weight, (i either will or will not)
    2. I will not resolve to be nicer (i just dont like people all that much)
    3. I will not resolve to work on my debt (im gonna be in debt till i die most likely so why stress about it??)
    4. I will not resolve to be more girlie (i fucking like sweat pants)
    5. I will not resolve to be more affectionate (see number 2)
    6. I will not resolve to drink less (it's my be affectionate juice)
    7. I will not resolve to workout more (If i really want to stop being a fat ass I will make it happen)
    8. I will not resolve to eat right (see above)
    9. I will not resolve to do more of any damn thing (i do too much as it is)
    10. I will not resolve to stick to this list (i do what I please when i please, well not really I am a PARENT but saying it makes me feel badass)

    So there you have it
    MoodyMommi's 10 non-resolutions!

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    Mrs. Doubtfire reference cracked me UP! That's so me. I am the queen of frump. And Giordano's - I should just belt the large deep-dish with sausage around my waist because that's exactly where it goes. I hate that I love that stuff.

  • In reply to Katherine Hall:

    Not to feed your hips anymore but try their meatball stuffed pizza! OMG!!!

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    I love this! when you figure out how to be more understanding of men and their way, let me know.

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