Fear...or The Lack Thereof

Fear...or The Lack Thereof

As time passes and my daughter advances to the next stages of toddlerhood, the more she exhibits the lack of fear. As a result, I have a rising fear I will drop dead of a heart attack from her shenanigans.

For example, I tell my little circus performer I am going to the bathroom. This usually entails her following me and we play the “what’s that ?” game. Not this time! I am in the bathroom and off in the kitchen there is silence. No jibbering, no giggling, no singing, and no talking to me. I start to worry but I am peeing and I can’t just cut it off mid-stream and run in there to see what was going on. I hurry up and head to the kitchen. I find that my angel has pulled the step stool over to the sink. (side note: I am 5 feet tall and a step stool is a necessity) She has climbed into the sink and walked across the counter to the refrigerator. I caught her trying to pull herself on top of the freaking refrigerator!!!!

I am almost 41 and I feel my heart pounding so hard in my chest I thought it was going to explode. I try very hard to calmly ask her what she is doing without going into horror movie screaming mode. She just looks at me like the mad hatter and laughs this crazy laugh. Suddenly, without any sort of warning, she launches herself at me. I am glad I played sports as a kid as I was quick to catch her. She then leans over and licks the side of my head and wiggles around until I put her on the floor.

She goes off to get one of her toys like nothing ever happened as I am doing deep breathing exercises. I am totally scared to death come springtime she will be on top of the roof or up a tree.

I think I should have my heart checked out just to make sure it is strong enough to make it to her next birthday.


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