Daycare Nightmare

Daycare Nightmare

As most parents know daycare centers are a necessary evil in the universe. I would love if I could stay home with my daughter until she goes to kindergarten. That is not my reality. I am a single mom and I am self employed so I don’t have that luxury to stay at home.

I did my research and chose a “reputable” center within a 5 minute drive from my place of business. They have security cameras in the classroom and locks on the gates in the outdoor playground. They also have a keypad entry system. The staff all have bachelors degrees or are in college working on their degrees.

Several things that have irritated me with this facility. The keypad entry system code is the same code for every parent or pick up person. This really is ineffective security if the code is the same for every person. There is no way to de-activate someone once they stop services at this location. I have also come into the facility and there was not a staff member up front. I had to search out a staff member in the building. Another issue is my daughter is bounced around all day. She will start her day in one room, the middle of the day in another room and at the end of the day with kids either in 6th grade or with infants.

She is also a biter. When she gets frustrated, annoyed, or irritated she responds with a quick bite. The problem is she is an only child. Most of my friend’s have teenagers or college kids. There are not any kids on my block her age, so the only time she is around kids her age is at daycare. The staff keeps asking me how to keep her from biting. They are the professionals, right? How can I keep her from biting when 90% of the time she bites at daycare!?!

I am not sure what to do. Half the time I want to hit my head against the wall. Have any of our fellow Mayhem Mommies dealt with a biter? Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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