Top 5 Products To Survive Chicago's Summer Festival Season

It’s festival season in Chicago. Whether you plan to hit up the local street fairs and food fests or are already in planning mode for Lollapalooza, these Chicago based brands will keep you going and not to mention looking great too!

1. Vous Vitamin: This doctor backed brand is hoping one of their new Situational Supplements™, aptly named Recovery Act™, will make the days after long party nights more bearable. Recovery Act is used to combat toxic effects of too much alcohol or not enough sleep. Take them before and after a big night to defend yourself against dehydration. Plus, all Vous supplements are freshly made, gluten free, dairy free, non-GMO and void of any meat products.

2. Pocket Poppet:  The weather changes. You’re outside. What do you do? The stylish and functional Pocket Poppet offers a fashionable and easy way to always have a clean cardigan handy to pop on. It is a fashionable open drape front cardigan that is created to fold into its own attached convenient and protective pouch. How cool is that?

3. Cate McNabb Cosmetics: Newly-launched, Cate McNabb is a color cosmetics line that is cruelty-free and paraben-free. Best part? Their formulas are non-pore clogging which means wearing makeup in the sun won’t equal unwanted breakouts.

4. Sunology: Enjoy CHI summertime without a painful sunburn. Sunology offers several sunscreens that provide invisible coverage made from natural ingredients. In addition to sunscreens formulated for the face, body, and children, Sunology is releasing a non-aerosol sunscreen spray next month for easy application.

5. Dude Wipes: Here’s one for the guys. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to keep these in your purse for your significant other. Heck, when porter potties run out of toilet paper, there is no reason why a lady can’t sneak a Dude Wipe too. Use these uber convenient wipes to clean up, anywhere, anytime. They come in personal, single use packets too which means they can easily fit in your wristlet.


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