Chicago Fashion Invention: Instantly Tailor Your Clothes with ZipSeam

Chicago Fashion Invention: Instantly Tailor Your Clothes with ZipSeam

A poorly fitted shirt or dress makes you look frumpy and unpolished no matter how well you style the rest of your outfit.

You have traditional tailoring. But, it is often expensive, time consuming, and permanent. If you were to take needle and thread to cloth, tailoring one shirt would take the average person an hour or more. A whole wardrobe? The thought of adjusting an entire closet is horrifyingly daunting. Plus, a DIY attempt with a sewing machine is even more scary.

Tired of buying collared shirts that just didn’t fit right, Oak Park local SiDi Huang decided to do something about it, creating a fashion invention proud to be Chicago born. Called the ZipSeam, this patent pending breakthrough allows any user to quickly and inexpensively tailor their own shirts, turning any off-the-rack item into a sexy, sleek, fashion piece. Genius!

The ZipSeam combines material and structural design to create the strongest seam without compromising flexibility and comfort. Its unique design allows the ZipSeam to be lightweight, removable and reusable. Users can tailor a shirt in minutes with the perk of turning clearance items into sleek pieces with excellent custom fits.

To mass produce the ZipSeam, Huang turned to Kickstarter for help and the response was overwhelming. “In 45 days, I raised almost $60k, shattering an initial goal of $2,500,” reveals Huang.

Successfully funded on May 18th, Huang is getting ready to finish and ship the first finished pieces out. “Being my first project, I plan on playing the overprotective mom and keeping close contact with both manufacturers on the timeline and production.”

As for those who might have missed out on Kickstarter, have no fear. You can still pre-order yours at Use promo code ‘kickstarter’ for $5 off.

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