CHI-lebrity Style File: Katie Cahnmann of

CHI-lebrity Style File: Katie Cahnmann of

As a writer for one of Chicago’s fastest growing blogs, Katie Cahnmann of is, without doubt, becoming a CHI-lebrity in her own right. You can find her at all of the city’s exclusive parties, securing the hottest invites while always stay chic and trendy on the red carpet.

CHI-lebrity caught up with Katie to get the dish on her fashion and beauty style because, yes, she is that fabulous.

Describe your personal fashion philosophy.

My personal fashion philosophy is to wear what makes you feel good and to not be afraid to take risks. I have never overly concerned myself with wondering what everyone else’s attire will be for the evening. Instead, I wear what makes me happy and makes me feel good. I just may show-up in a cute dress when everyone else is wearing jeans but I promise I will rock that dress and wear it proud. I also love mixing things up and pairing things together that you wouldn’t normally think would work – for example, two different patterns (stripes & floral) or two different looks (leather & pearls). I also love colors – blues, purples, greens, yellows, reds, etc. I will either do my main piece in color or use accessories for a pop of color like shoes, belts, jewelry, purses, etc.

One of my all-time favorite fashion icons is the absolutely fabulous Coco Chanel. When it came to fashion, that woman knew what she was talking about. Her words are so true and inspirational. I live by her advice, “To always take off the last thing you put on so that you don’t over accessorize.” I LOVE accessories but I don’t ever want to overdo it!

Some of my other favorite Chanel quotes are:

1.”Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”
2.”Fashion changes, but style endures.”
3.”I don’t do fashion, I AM fashion.”
4.”The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.”
5. “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”

Where do you go in the city to find the latest and greatest in fashion & beauty?

Speaking of always being different, that is often what I strive for when purchasing fashion-related items. There isn’t one particular place I shop as I like to look for pieces I haven’t seen before on anyone or in any place. I do love some of the well-known national chain stores like BeBe and BCBG as well as some local Chicago favorites like Akira and even the bigger department stores like Nordstrom and Niemen Marcus. But my favorite places to shop are the smaller boutiques and I absolutely love having custom-made pieces from the local designers. I shop at Dress Up Boutique, Viktoria’s Closet, Apple the Second, Cram for Her, Ms. Catwalk, V.. Fish, etc. just to name a few. I also love designers Borris Powell, Elda de la Rosa, Diego Rocha, Horacio Nieto, Anna Hovet, Miriam Cecilia, Lara Miller… the list could go on.

For beauty I have some favorite spots. I love Arbre Nail Salon (2 locations) for mani/pedis. They do a great job and play reruns of Sex & the City. Plus it’s BYOB. I like Spacio (Lincoln Park) & Glow Tan (Wicker Park) for airbrush spray on tans. The best blow-outs I ever had were done at Brilli Salon on Ashland & Roscoe & Siren Salon on Lincoln Avenue near Belmont. I love Mac & Benefit cosmetics for Make-Up. I always get my eyebrows threaded at Perfect Eyebrows inside Century Mall. It’s cheap & fast. I love Devon Avenue for threading, too, but don’t always have the time to get out that way. And the absolute best facial I have ever received was the Core Treatment at Pelle Sana Salon in Lincoln Park.

NYK is always at the hottest parties. How do you get ready for an event? Do you do anything special to prepare?

How I prepare for an event depends on a few factors – most importantly what type of event it is and where it is located and what time the event begins so I know how much time I have to get ready in between my full-time day job and the start of the event. When getting ready I often try to wear something I have never worn previously. Although I have a couple of go-to pieces that I have worn repeatedly with different accessories (shoes, purse, jewelry). Often, I try on several different outfits (5 or more) before deciding on the one & other times I know exactly what I want to wear. Occasionally I will actually go out & purchase an outfit for a specific event.

My make-up routine is quite simple. Fortunately for me I have good skin so I don’t wear much make-up at all. Once in a blue moon I will actually head out without any make-up on whatsoever, especially on hot summery nights. When I do full routine, it consists of foundation or a tinted moisturizer, bronzer and/or blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, and gloss. There are a few items I will almost always use if I do not do the entire routing which are the tinted moisturizer, a facial highlighting pen, mascara, and Benefit Tint on lips and cheeks.

Ever since I had the Keratin Treatment done to my hair just over a month ago, my hair routine has become extremely fast and easy. All I do is spritz a curl or wave refresher on and finger comb in a little Keratin oil. I also have a friend who is a hair stylist who will come over and fix my hair any way I want it when I have a big event to attend.

And no matter what, before I head out I always slip on a pair of heels. I am a shoe girl all the way. Some may call it an obsession but I can NEVER have too many shoes. I love them and I truly believe they can totally make an outfit!

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