HARPO Hairstylist George Gonzalez Hosts Fundraiser for the On Your Feet Foundation

George- The Salon.jpg

On Monday March 7th from 5-8PM, George-The-Salon, located at 23 W. Hubbard, will host a fundraiser benefiting the On Your Feet Foundation. A $100.00 donation to the OYFF will provide you with an appointment for a salon service of your choice from the salon’s top hairstylists and massage therapists along with appetizers and cocktails. 

The OYFF, which gained recognition for their birthmother retreat on an episode of MTV’s Teen Mom, helped the show’s cast member, Catelynn Lowell with her life changing decision to give up her baby up for adoption.

George Gonzalez, owner of George- The Salon, has appeared on OPRAH numerous times and even serves as a hairstylist for the Spa at HARPO.

I can’t think of a better way to give back and get beautiful at the same time!

To make an appointment, log onto www.oyff.org to make your donation.


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  • Great! Let's make teen moms look more sexy so they can go out in the world and become teen moms again.

  • In reply to gwill:

    I'm sorry if you got this impression, but this is actually just fundraiser to help young moms who have made this life changing decision. Teen moms are not receiving makeovers, only those donating to the charity.

  • In reply to ChiLebrity:

    Ms. ChiLebrity, I stand corrected.

    Mr. George Gonzalez, work your magic.

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