CHI-lebrity Style File: Justin Jacobson of Platinum Events

The opening party for Museum Works Galleries at The Merchandise Mart was, without a doubt, one of the best events I have been to so far in the city. Everything from the lighting to the ambiance was a spectacular display of style, elegance, and flair. As a result, I couldn’t be more excited to present the driving force behind this and other trendsetting parties as the latest edition to the CHI-lebrity Style File: Justin Jacobson, CEO of Platinum Events.

Justin’s eye for fashion and how he infuses this into his clients’ events is exactly why he is one to watch! 


Describe your personal fashion philosophy.

My personal fashion philosophy has always been to not conform to the masses or to fit in, but to use clothing & accessories as an extension of one’s own personality, especially in business! When a client comes to me, because they want us to produce something unique and outside the box, a three piece suit doesn’t cut it.  I love 80’s rock like Motley Crue, Guns N’ Roses etc. These are the guys I grew up to, so why not take the styles of guys that would sell out arenas and apply that to the board room… think Guns N’ Prada!

How do you infuse this sense of personal style into the parties and openings Platinum Events designs?

When one owns a business such as mine, they are THE PRODUCT! Every bit of detail is key to the execution & success of the event.  Same goes with your appearance, from dress down to the briefcase. I started my company in Miami Beach, FL. Then, I moved my base of operations to Chicago.  I was so dismayed to find such an amazing metropolitan city with events that in my opinion were very cliché of the Midwest.  Anyone that has been to any of our productions will tell you, they have a very “South Beach / Manhattan” vibe.  Pair that with my personal flare for theatrics, thus giving our events that signature look and feel…and that’s what makes us Platinum.

If CHI-lebrity looked in your closet, we would find _________________.

I have two walk in closets, one side is all John Varvatos, the other….sneakers.  Always pair a great Varvatos suit with some nice leather Chucks!

After the huge success of the Museum Galleries Opening, what is next on the radar for Platinum? Any exciting projects in the works?

Next on the horizon, we have designed a gorgeous 5,000 sq. ft. space for a client’s booth at the upcoming 2011 Chicago Auto Show.  We are designing it to look like a night club, with VIP booths, but the cars are the tables!  We are also spearheading the first ever late Chicago Bulls legend Norman Van Lier Foundation’s West Side Vs. South Side Silence The Violence “Chicago United Hoops Classic”.  It will take place at DePaul’s Sullivan Athletic Center and will feature many of Chicago’s emerging young talent.  The event will also be hosting a special VIP Event and more! So Stay tuned!

2010, was a great year for us, but 2011 is shaping up to be even greater!  We can’t thank the city of Chicago enough for welcoming us, and if you’re reading this and you have an event or product you need marketed remember anything we touch doesn’t turn to gold, it turns Platinum!

Platinum Events Style in Action

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