Celebrity Hairstylist Frank Barbosa's Chicago Roots

From the TV Series to the films, Sex & the City is a major style staple for savvy fashionistas everywhere. This is why chatting with Chicagoan and celebrity hairdresser Frank Barbosa is every girl’s dream. As Hair Department Head for the set of Sex & the City 2, Frank kept the tresses of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda looking gorgeous along with making a cameo appearance in the film too! Plus, Frank has worked on projects with other mega stars like Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway.


As we sat down to an amazing dinner at HUB 51, I was able to get the Chicago scoop from this star hairstylist:

“I first got my start in the entertainment industry in Chicago. I began in the theatre district where my first production was Beauty and the Beast. I worked at the Chicago Theatre, and then went on to work on Ragtime at The Oriental Theatre for a year. These experiences brought me to Fosse and I traveled with the show for 2 years. I started doing hair in both Boystown and Wicker Park, initially at Salon 2000 on Broadway in 1993 then at Razzle Dazzle in Wicker Park around the same time. By working in the theatre world, I was inspired to get creative behind the chair so I worked at 2 hip salons in Chi-Town so that I could style in 2 diverse locations. That is what I love most about Chicago: it’s so diverse and it allowed for me to be influenced in so many ways in the big city. Now, I style all over the country on different productions and hair shows. I always look forward to the day when I am styling back in Chicago where I got a start in an industry that I just adore.”

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