A Technologically Challenged New Mom’s Favorite Apps

A Technologically Challenged New Mom’s Favorite Apps
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I am so not savvy when it comes to technology. But when Mila was born, it became clear that it was time to look into some new (for me) apps – her grandparents demanded photos! They’re all easy to use/available from my iPhone, and not because I think iPhone is best (actually, I kind of hate it as a phone), but because it’s what I have:

iCloud Photo Stream – I realize I am late to the party (is the party still even going on?), but I love that I can store (as backup) all the photos I am obsessively taking of my daughter and invite a limited number of people – close family and friends who actually want to see all the photos I’m taking – to see them. This way I also avoid broadcasting all her photos on Facebook/other more public social media sites, which I did not want to do. Added bonus: extra storage on iCloud is ridiculously cheap.

FaceTime – Okay, I am even later to this party, but having FaceTime when grandparents are out of town is pretty much the best thing ever. They love seeing her real time, and she will love it too one day. Case in point: I have a friend whose two year old’s nightly routine includes a call to her out of town grandparents. She can even do it by herself now while her parents clean up/take care of other things around the house.

Baby Connect – During these first few months, the doctor has had us tracking all feedings and diaper changes (prompting more discussions about poopy and pee pee than I ever thought I would have in my life). This little app is amazing. It’s super easy to log everything, not just feedings and diaper changes, but size and weight, vaccination records, milestones, etc… And you can have multiple users inputting from their own phones, and the information will sync. The app costs $4.99 and is worth every penny.

Sound Sleeper – Apparently some babies fall asleep to different kinds of white noise like magic. That is not my kid (the sleep sheep, loved by so many, seems to have no effect whatsoever on Mila). But I’ve heard some of the white noise apps are good, and this one has several sounds to choose from, including a shhh and womb sound. I’m still deciding how well this works for us, but the app itself has been simple to use.

Parents: what apps have you loved? Any other technology tidbits? I’m open to trying most things, especially if it makes her sleep longer at night!

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