Going to Battle Against the Winter Doldrums

Going to Battle Against the Winter Doldrums

Ugh. It’s winter. And post holiday winter at that. The glitz and glitter of December have lost their shine, and there’s basically nothing to look forward to until about April (not to be dramatic about it). Here in Chicago it is frigid, dark, and snowy.

The fight is on: winter doldrums versus us. The faint of heart need not apply. But since we have no choice, some survival tips that at least yours truly will be attempting to implement these next few months:

1. Start a new show. And by “new” I mean catch up on one of those shows that everyone has been talking about but you still haven’t watched. During this time of the year, getting into a show with the instant gratification of constant unseen episodes is, well, good for the soul. On New Year’s Day, the hubby and I joined the world of the living and started Homeland. That stuff is A.MAZE.ING. I’m too embarrassed to admit how many episodes we’re now in….

2. Speaking of escapist pursuits, plan a vacation. Or, better yet, go on one. Few times of the year scream leave Chicago! like January or February (or March, the evil tease of the bunch). No matter where you go, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have warmer weather than here.

3. Work out. Not only will it make you feel better (get those endorphins going, yeah!), but it will help you work off that extra weight you know you put on over the holidays. This works whether you’re admitting to making a diet-related New Year’s resolution or not.

4. Drink. Yes, that’s right, I am advocating a little bit of the sauce to help grease away those winter blahs. As I’ve mentioned previously, this winter the hubby and I are diving into some good port. (Goes great with Homeland, by the way). Added benefit: new port glasses we received over the holidays (thanks Mom!).

5. Start planning how you’re going to tackle all those lofty 2014 goals you set. Now’s the time, and there are no more excuses. It is not still the holidays. And your New Year’s hangover is gone (I sincerely hope, at least). This is when the hard work comes in. Figure out how you’re going to get it done and do it.

What’s your plan for the battle this winter?

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