A baby is brewing: a non-traditional, co-ed, beer themed baby shower

A baby is brewing: a non-traditional, co-ed, beer themed baby shower
Beer "Cake"

Baby showers need not be all pink lace bonnets and blue baby shoes. Nor do they need to be exclusively for the ladies (we all know how we got into this situation; it (typically) takes two). Besides, why shouldn’t the guys be tormented by get to partake in the age-old tradition of baby showers? It’s a modern world, I tell you, and the modern world requires some updating of our baby shower notions (and no, the poopy diaper game is still not okay)!

With this in mind, a good friend and I endeavored to throw a baby shower for our close couple friends (due in December!). A couple who really had no interest in a baby shower. At least, not in the traditional conception (I know, I’m hilarious) of a shower. We knew we needed to come up with something good, something they’d actually like. We thought and thought and thought. What would these two enjoy if they weren’t pregnant and getting ready for a baby?


This couple loves beer more than anyone I’ve ever met. And so our beer themed, co-ed baby shower was born (I’m sorry, I just can’t help myself). WAIT! What about the mama-to-be, sadly abstaining from booze while pregnant? We had to create something that would appeal to her, too. The solution? Each guest brought his or her favorite six-pack, and we took a bottle from each, placing it in a personalized beverage tub specifically for mom for after she has the baby (and the doctor’s okay).

Beer Baby Shower Swag

Beer Baby Shower Swag (early on in the party)

For our menu, we created a no-fuss (a requirement from the couple) homage to bar food: pretzels and cheese-substance, beer sausages with mustard, chips and dip, crackers and cheese, veggies and hummus, and cookie bars. We also brought a cake. Kind of. (Take a look at our beer “cake” at the top of this post). Oh, and we had La La Li Bakery & Patisserie custom make the beer mug and milk bottle cookies surrounding the “cake,” which we used as decoration and then passed out as party favors. The result? A super fun, modern, co-ed baby shower and two very happy parents-to-be.

Pub Themed Menu

Bar Themed Menu

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