Nature’s Remedies: Our “Healthy” Window Box

Nature’s Remedies: Our “Healthy” Window Box

For the past few summers, I have planted my 3rd floor window box with a different theme. Last year, it was a cocktail garden (see that post here). The year before, brightly colored flowers.

This year, I was inspired by two things. First, my indoor aloe plant that was desperate to go outside. And second, the notion of planting a tea plant (that’s the camellia sinensis for all you garden pros). That’s right, I really did have this image of myself sipping cold iced tea made from my garden on my back porch all summer long.

Alas, despite my best efforts, I could not find a tea plant for purchase in Chicago. I did, however, find stevia and chamomile. So, instead of straight up tea, this summer I am excited to experiment with an herbal infusion (chamomile is supposed to be great with sleep) and natural sweetener. And, should anything go amiss (hopefully it doesn’t) I’ll have aloe to sooth it. I’ll let you know how it all goes!

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