I’m a Better Painter When I Drink

I’m a Better Painter When I Drink
My "Masterpiece." And yes, trees do float in the water/horizon. Thanks for asking.

Like speaking a foreign language, dancing, and singing, I am a much better painter when I drink*. Admittedly, the bar is low, because I am a really, really horrendous painter. And drawer, which apparently helps with painting.

Luckily, when my friend decided to have a painting party for her big 3-0 celebration, she understood the necessity of wine and had Bottle and Bottega come to her house for a wine and art party. Jayne was our artist instructor extraordinaire, who fortunately had the patience of a saint, because we were a needy, somewhat pain in the arse kind of bunch. She set up everything, including tarps on the table and floor (crucial), easels, pallets, and paint brushes. Isn’t this a beautiful set up, and, I can’t help but say it, table setting?

Beautiful table setting for our Bottle and Bottega party

Beautiful table setting for our Bottle and Bottega party

Particularly knowing how bad whatever I painted was going to look, I felt a tinge of guilt sitting down at the table and ruining Jayne’s work. Still, we had painting to do, and by that time a few glasses of wine in us, so with her guidance — and encouragement — we got to work.

We each picked a drawing (there were four to choose from), which Jayne then used to teach us how to set up our image. You can also, by the way, hire a model (yes, a nude model), which Jayne tells us is a great way to kick off a bachelorette party. I’m just saying…

Anyways, after an hour or two (time flies when you’re having fun…and drinking) we had our “masterpieces” complete. I want to hang ours up in our stairway composite (see that post here), but the hubby is a little lukewarm on that plan. He did like the idea of bringing them home to his mom to see if she’d hang them up with our niece’s (her grandkids) artwork, although theirs is significantly better. Either way, the wine and art party was a great time, and I’d love to do it again. Anyone planning a bachelorette party?

For more information on Bottle and Bottega, visit them online at www.bottleandbottega.com

* This is probably not true.

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