Sit Back and Relax at Owen & Engine

Sit Back and Relax at Owen & Engine

I am so excited to have Beth as a guest blogger today! She is a fellow ChicagoNow blogger who writes the insightful and always honest blog, Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom, which I absolutely love. For her guest post, Beth has written a review of one of her favorite Chicago restaurants, Owen & Engine. I can’t wait to try it. Thanks Beth!

Do you have a restaurant that is your spot?

A place where you and your husband go every week without even needing to say its name?

An eatery where you know what you are ordering without even looking at the menu?

Owen & Engine is our spot.

From the moment I walk in the heavy wood doors, I feel the chaos of Western Avenue wash away. For the length of the meal, the atmosphere transforms into a quaint bar in the streets of London.

The rich wood bar with large traditional stools provides the perfect backdrop for a pint. Upstairs I am reminded of a hostel in Galway we stayed at – wallpaper you would see on Mad Men with complimenting rugs and mirrors.

The rustic British-inspired comfort pub offers meats that come from animals humanely raised and without growth hormones or antibiotics. They purchase from the best farms and artisans and the Haddock, for the fish and chips (my favorite), is flown in daily from Georges Bank in the North Atlantic.

Owen and Engine is more than a restaurant, but an experience.  From the dishes to the servers to each bite of food, you will be glad you are there.

Owen and Engine is located at 2700 North Western Avenue, Chicago, IL, 773-235-2930.

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