An Easy DYI for the New Year: A Stairway Composite

This new year there are several home projects that I plan to tackle: painting our guest bathroom in stripes (kind of scared of this one!), prettying up some book shelves with wallpaper, spiffing up our bedroom decor. However, one project has been ongoing in my apartment (in a fun add-a-pearl kind of way, not a nagging get-it-done already kind of way): a stairway composite. It also has the added benefit of squeezing just a little bit more space out of our (barely) two-bedroom Chicago apartment.

Before shot: the internal stairway leading up to our place. Just look at all that empty, available space….

After shot: here’s a picture of the stairway composite now…

For our composite, I decided on a collection of pictures and items that mean a lot to the hubby and me: travel memories, a piece of art my mom painted as a kid, a few somethings from our wedding, including the hubby and my place card from our sweetheart table. I wanted the frames to be coordinated but not boring, so I went with frames from West Elm…and bought some extra so I can continue adding to our stairwell as time goes on.

And, in case you were itching for some close-up shots, here you go…. This one is a scratch off map (think lotto card) where the hubby and I keep track of the places we’ve been together.

And this is the envelope (yes, just the envelope) of a wedding gift from a dear friend from Japan. I think it is so beautiful.

As I mentioned, to me one of the best things about a composite wall is that you get to continually add to it (yup, that’s right, major geek alert). I’m looking forward to adding more adventures and memories to ours as time goes on (awww, cheese!). Do you have a composite wall? What did you put there?

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