Scrumptious Hanukkah Table Settings

Scrumptious Hanukkah Table Settings

For all my Hanukkah celebrating friends, Happy Hanukkah!  It sure snuck up early this year.  And if you haven’t quite gotten around to planning your Hanukkah celebration, no worries, there’s still another weekend to go (with it being 8 days and all).  Here’s some table setting eye candy for inspiration:

I think this table setting idea, complete with a candlelit branch menorah, is absolutely stunning.  See how to from the Goddess herself, Martha Stewart.

I love the casual vibe of this table, with its neutral palette and pops of Hanukkah blues and whites.  It’s homey, a bit funky with its glassware, and totally accessible.

If you’re looking for glam, it doesn’t get more ornate than this.  Gold rimmed goblets, full place settings, beautiful frosted bouquets….invite me!

Special thanks to Custom Printables for the adorable Keep Calm cover art and cote de texas.


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