The Savoy: A Fresh Take on the Raw Bar…and Absinthe

The Savoy: A Fresh Take on the Raw Bar…and Absinthe

I don’t often rave about a restaurant. One, it would be disingenuous, and two, it would be annoying. But newly opened Wicker Park raw, seafood, and absinthe (legal) bar, The Savoy, deserves an unabashed rant. It is excellent. And reasonably priced. So here goes….

Executive chef Brian Greene (who could not have been sweeter when he stopped by our table) has put his fresh spin on raw bar and seafood classics. For example, his oyster platter includes a ginger and lime sauce instead of the typical horseradish, all cocktails are made with absinthe, and the sweet, succulent scallops are served with a honey crisp apple puree. All inventive and all spectacularly delicious.

Also delicious were the tender mussels served in a vibrant coconut milk and kefir lime broth. Isn’t this a beaut:

The king crab legs, served with a divine Dijon mustard sauce, brought about my one, very minor critique of the night: we really could have used a seafood cracker at the table to make sure we didn’t miss any of the meat.

And then there was the dessert. Oh, the dessert. We shared (which is about the only way I can imagine eating this) the creamy, decadent peanut butter pie, a recipe Chef Greene learned from his grandma. Now, I love my grandma dearly, but she has never made a pie like this. With its crumbly Oreo crust, citrusy blood orange caramel, and a peanut butter filing to end all other filings, this dessert epitomizes the “splurge-worthy” ideal (and it wasn’t even chocolate).

Try The Savoy at 1408 Milwaukee Ave.


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  • I love The Savoy too - and I usually order all of the same dishes that you did! It is a great option to have in the city.

  • In reply to Aimee Thompson:

    Totally agree, Aimee. Can't wait to go back!

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    Nice Article, Glad you enjoyed it...p..s..i do have one crab cracker downstairs in my knife kit...i will bring it upstairs next time you sit down to a bowl of crab legs!

  • In reply to Brian Greene:

    Thanks, Brian!

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