RoseAngelis: A Delight for the Taste Buds and Wallet Alike

RoseAngelis: A Delight for the Taste Buds and Wallet Alike
Gnocchi con Prosciutto e Albiococca Secca

In a city where it would be easy to try a different restaurant every night, the hubby and I keep returning to RoseAngelis in the Lincoln Park/Wrightwood neighborhood.  The food is consistently delicious and reasonably priced, a nice change of pace from some Italian restaurants that charge customers an arm and a leg for, let’s face it, dishes mostly made of not overly expensive ingredients.  And on Thursday nights, which was the night we were most recently there, a table of two can order an appetizer, two Cesar salads, two entrees, and a dessert for $49.  Plus, every night, all glasses of wine are $7.

Because the hubby and I were not overly hungry and I wanted to drink (hey you, stop judging, they say a glass of wine a day is healthy), we skipped the special.  Instead, for our appetizer we each enjoyed a couple pieces of crusty white bread dipped in their robustly flavored rosemary and garlic infused olive oil.

I was in the mood for gnocchi, but the only gnocchi dish on the menu that night, the Gnocchi con Prosciutto e Albiococca Secca, was served with a mascarpone cream sauce.  Because I was already indulging in my fair share of white refined bread, pasta, and potatoes, and because I’m not a cream fan anyways, I wanted to skip the cream.  No worries.  The chef suggested an olive oil and garlic sauce instead, and the result was spectacular.  The texture of the gnocchi highlighted the potato-based pasta without being overly doughy, and the accompaniments were an earthy balance of dried apricots, plentiful prosciutto, oniony scallions, and crunchy walnuts.  It’s the kind of dish that feels light enough for summer but also satisfyingly comforting for winter.

The hubby ordered the lasagna, which the waitress told us she had only seen six people in the last nine years finish.  When it arrived, it was obvious why — it could easily feed a family of four.   Here’s the lasagna when it first arrived at the table…

Lasagna - Before
Lasagna – Before

And here’s the lasagna after the hubby (with some help from yours truly) had finished.

Lasagna - After
Lasagna – After

Yeah, not much difference.  Suffice it to say, between the lasagna and left over gnocchi from my meal, we had leftovers for a week.

Another thing I’ve always loved about RoseAngelis is that the waiters and waitresses know their stuff.  Each night features an array of different and intricate specials, yet the servers are seemingly able to easily rattle them off, always without a hitch.  Seriously, it’s like watching a performer give a monologue at Steppenwolf only, perhaps, better, because afterwards you get to eat.

Try RoseAngelis at 1314 W. Wrightwood Ave.

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