Love for Lula

Love for Lula

Tofu and vegetable scramble. Buttermilk pancakes. Turkey sandwich. Breakfast burrito. Baked French feta. It was impossible to decide what to order at Lula Café in Logan Square. Typically when eating out, I know exactly what I want to order or, sometimes, I’m between two dishes. But at Lula’s it was literarily impossible to make a decision. Everything sounded so amazing and, as I watched dishes being brought out to other diners, it was clear everything looked incredible, too.

On the advice of our waiter, I had the breakfast burrito. It ultimately came down to a decision between that and the baked frittata, and our waiter was adamant I go burrito. Great decision. Generous but not overwhelming in portion, the burrito was stuffed with creamy fresh avocado, sautéed onions, rosemary new potatoes, scrambled eggs, and cheddar (I asked the chef to go light on the cheese, which was no problem). Each forkful was a breakfast food bite of heaven, made all the more scrumptious by the fact that I had just run 11 miles and was really, really hungry.

My friend had the tofu and vegetable scramble, a mix of tofu, spinach, and an array of other colorful vegetables served in a miso sauce and sprinkled with black sesames. Unfortunately, I was too busy housing my own dish to take her up on the offer to taste the scramble, so I can’t share flavor specifics. Whoops. Suffice it to say, my friend is quite the food connoisseur, and she loved it.

Try Lula Café at 2537 N. Kedzie Boulevard

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