The Inaugural Chicago Women’s Half Marathon

The Inaugural Chicago Women’s Half Marathon

Last Sunday I ran my first half marathon in over a year, the inaugural Chicago Women’s Half Marathon. Having been sidelined by an injury and distracted by my wedding and work, I really had no intention of running such a substantial race. Fortunately, a bit of intense friendly peer pressure did the trick. A bunch of my friends are training for the Chicago Marathon, and they were using the Women’s Half as a training race. I figured I’d get serious about training, too, and maybe melt off some winter/post-wedding pounds while I was at it.

With the help of my online coach (see previous post), I dedicated myself to a 12-week training course of 3-4 days a week of running and 2 days a week of yoga. I fought back tendinitis in my knee and approached the race trained and ready. I had no intention of setting any records (which is good…because I didn’t); my intention was simply to finish the race healthy and strong.

It was a great run.

Yes, it got really hot. Yes, I started to cramp at mile 4. Yes, I walked a bit. But it was awesome. I heard there was something like 5,000+ women in the race, which made for some real deal girl power. Husbands (including mine…who made me a great race playlist!), kids, other family, and friends lined the course, cheering us on. The race was incredibly well organized, with clear course markings and judiciously placed water stations. And the swag and post race treats were awesome. I particularly loved the yoga mat, given both my training for the race and the fact that it’s probably time for a new mat, and the Kefir yogurt cups, which, at 80 calories of complete deliciousness, I fully intend to find and stock in my freezer.

A few days after the race, I’m still a little sore. The knee seems to have cooperated, but, for the first time ever, my back hurts. I think it’s yet another symptom of old age. I plan to hit the yoga mat today or tomorrow and start jogging again in the next few days. I’ll need to be ready to run my next race – the BTN Big 10K on July 28!

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