Midpack Musings

Midpack Musings
Midpack Musings

Today I am very excited to launch a new Chewables Chicago category – Midpack Musings – focused on running from my perspective: the midpack.  What is the midpack?  Well, pretty much as it sounds….not the front, not the back, just somewhere in the middle.

I’m a runner but frankly not that good.  I love getting out there, especially on Chicago’s beautiful lake path, and pounding out the miles.  It’s freeing, it’s a stress relief, it’s a means to more restaurant splurges.  I love the structure of training for a race (many thanks to my online coach, Annie, at annie@train2race.com) and accomplishing each day of training.   In fact, I may even like the training more than the race itself.  And come race day, unlike my incredible friend Emily who regularly wins races, I will not be breaking any records or finishing line ribbons.  But it doesn’t matter.  I will still gladly display my finisher’s medal, knowing that completing a race in any time is something to be proud of.


And while logging all these training miles (11 this weekend!), there is a lot of time to think.  In fact, I often think it’s when I have my most profound thoughts because, unlike the constant “go” of the rest of the day, there is very little out there to distract.  No email.  No Facebook.  No phone.  Just me, the trail, my music, sometimes a friend….and my thoughts.

It has been on many of these runs that the idea of writing about running has come to mind.  It was on one of these runs that the idea of Midpack Musings was born.  But would anyone want to read about it on a healthy eating out blog?  It is health related.  It is not the main topic of the blog.  I hesitated.  A lot.  I have been told it is important to keep a blog focused.  Would this be unnecessarily confusing?  Would anyone even care?  At the end of the day, though, I write my blog because I love it.  Not because I have a million readers (I most certainly do not!) or expect anything to come of it.  And if running is something I love and want to write about, then damn it, I’m going to do it.

So I hope you enjoy Midpack Musings, where I discuss running, training, and the (hopefully) interesting thoughts and things that come up while running and training.  The focus of Chewables will not change.  I’ll still be eating out way too much, sharing how you can make healthy choices at Chicago restaurants, suggesting what is worth a splurge, and including some fun home recipes.  But added into the mix will be Midpack musings.  I hope you enjoy.

Happy eating….and happy running!



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