The Kid Stole the Show at Revolution Brewing

The Kid Stole the Show at Revolution Brewing
Harvest Pizza at Revolution Brewery

Revolution Brewing is a great space just south of Logan Square.  Its warm, exposed brick interior is open and airy, giving it a welcoming and casual vibe. It has the fresh hay smell of hops from its on-site and visible brewery.  It comes complete with super hipster bartenders and waitresses.  Its prices are good.  The beer, I’m told, is great (I don’t much like beer, but the hubby loved it).  And they produce over 50 kinds of beer per year.  Preeeetttttyyyy impressive.

Unfortunately, however, on my recent trip to Revolution, I was distracted.  Super distracted.  The culprit?  My friends’ incredibly cute, brand spankin’ new, 7 week old baby boy.  He just sat (laid) there doing what newborns do (sleeping), but it didn’t matter.  I was captivated.  I don’t know if others are experiencing this, but it seems like 2012 is the year of the baby (side note: not for the hubby and me).  My friends from growing up, college, etc…., the hubby’s friends from growing up, college, etc..  They’re all having kids.  But I digress (see…this is exactly what happened at Revolution).

We started with the freshly baked salted pretzel, which is both ideal pub food and sharing food.  I skipped the cheddar ale dip to save some calories and instead enjoyed the spicy Dusseldorf mustard, which, like other mustards, is super low in calories.  For dinner, I had the harvest pizza made with roasted cauliflower, crispy Brussels sprout leaf, butternut squash puree, and goat and mozzarella cheese.  I loved the thin crust and the fact that the ingredients on the pizza were appreciated rather than smothered on thickly.  A definite order again, although next time I may ask to skip the mozzarella cheese – when it comes to goat and mozzarella, for me, it’s goat every time.  I’d rather just have that!

Try Revolution Brewing at 2323 N. Milwaukee Ave.

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