Long Waits Be Damned, I’m Going to Bistronomic

 Long Waits Be Damned, I’m Going to Bistronomic
Mushroom Omelette at Bistronomic

Turns out not all good brunches require an hour plus wait.  In fact, for some you can even make reservations.  What?  In Chicago?  It’s true!  On a recent (super rainy, slightly chilly…where is spring?) Sunday, the hubby and I met a friend in from out of town who was staying in River North and was a on a schedule.  We needed a restaurant in the area where we could get in and out within an hour.   Enter Bistronomic, which takes reservations for brunch.  Woot woot!

While I still have not made it to Bistronomic for dinner (I may have mentioned before, I am not a huge French cuisine fan), I thought brunch was very good.  I had the delightful and perfectly cooked wild mushroom omelet.  I wish I had ordered it with less of the pleasant ridge parmesan-like cheese, because it was heavy on the stringy stuff, and perhaps toast instead of the buttered fingerling potatoes, but this was all my fault.  I also wish Bistronomic had other kinds of milk besides whole for coffee.  I get that it’s French.  But this is (say it with redneck accent) AMERICA.

Bistronomic also serves bottomless mimosas for $15.  Catch is, there is a time limit of an hour and a half.  Sounds like a challenge to me!

Try Bistronimic at 840 N. Wabash Ave.

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