Cocktail Garden: Our Herb Garden for Booze

Cocktail Garden: Our Herb Garden for Booze
Our Booze Garden

Last year the hubby and I bought a window planter and filled it with beautiful flowers…only to later realize no one could see all our efforts from the street.  And while we at least enjoyed the flowers, this year we opted for something a little different.  Something that, since no one else could see it, we would enjoy even more than flowers – an herb garden for our bar.  We still do have an herb garden (for cooking) and flowers on our back deck (which we love, love, love), but our new booze garden is just mere steps away from our bar, which we think is just about perfect.  Based on drinks we like and drinks we think we will like, we opted for basil (2), mint (2), rosemary, and lavender.

I’m already dreaming up what we will make.  Mojitos bursting with mint (and St-Germain, my current obsession), mint juleps, strawberry (vodka) basil lemonades, sueños with basil and rosemary, lavender-lemon drop martini’s….mmmm, so many possibilities!

What cocktails with herbs have you made recently?  We’re looking for recipes!

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