Restaurant Challenge: Taco Joint

Restaurant Challenge: Taco Joint
Tacos at Taco Joint

I had an extremely hard time finding healthy options at Taco Joint at 1969 N. Halsted.  Generally speaking, eating healthy at Mexican restaurants can be a challenge, but certainly not insurmountable.  At Taco Joint, however, the real issue is that changes and substitutions to menu items – items that are not particularly healthy to begin with – are politely declined.  That means that the cheese, crispy tortilla strips, and a creamy dressing on the Taco Joint Salad cannot be removed or served on the side.   It also means that, although ceviche is typically a great healthy option, the flavorful ceviche taco at Taco Joint was served on a crispy (read: fried) tortilla.  And it means that I could not ask for the salsa from the al pastor grilled chicken breast taco to come on the side, a shame because it ended up being rather creamy.  That or there was cheese served on top.

I hate to pick on Taco Joint, particularly with its friendly service and cheap $2 and $3 tacos.  But this is a healthy eating blog, and if the food is not healthy, changes and substitutions not permitted, and the food not splurge-worthy, I simply cannot endorse it.  Instead, I’d suggest De Cero or Big Star if you’re craving a taco.

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