Restaurant Challenge: Bistrot Zinc

Restaurant Challenge: Bistrot Zinc

I’m not typically a fan of French food – it tends to be too rich and buttery (and therefore fattening) for my taste – but I am a big fan of Bistrot Zinc.  Located in the Rush Street/Viagra Triangle area, Bistrot Zinc is cozier and more cost friendly than several of its well-known neighbors.  And while we were able to score a table sans reservation on a recent Friday night, the food was just as good as the overcrowded touristy destinations down the street.

I began by splitting the salad of duck confit, red cabbage, and pistachios from Bistrot Zinc’s seasonal monthly menu.  Duck can be a fatty meat, but by splitting the dish, I was able to enjoy without guilt.  Good thing, too, because the salad, with its tender and flavorful duck perfectly complimenting the tangy cabbage and subtly salty pistachios, was delicious.

For dinner I had the pan-seared mahi mahi, also from the seasonal menu.  While I requested the fish be prepared with olive oil rather than butter, the outside of the fish was so crispy that I have my doubts as to the chef’s follow-through.  Sigh.  Despite this, the dish was very good, particularly the fresh roasted fennel served along with it.  After my Bistrot Zinc experience, I may have to rethink my feelings on French food.  Or, at the very least, go to Bistrot Zinc again.  I’m always a sucker for seasonal menus.

Try Bistrot Zinc at 1131 N. State Street

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