Restaurant Challenge: Sola

Restaurant Challenge: Sola
Breakfast Wrap at Sola

Because I’m not allowed to tell you that my fiancé and I were coming from dance lessons (our attempt to avoid looking like fools during our first dance), I’ll just say we happened to be in the Lakeview neighborhood one Sunday and happened upon Hawaiian influenced Sola.  The stylish restaurant was busy at noon on a Sunday, and I noticed, approvingly, that my fellow brunch goers were enjoying an array of mimosas and bloody Mary’s.  Alas, I was driving.

I struggled to choose between the delicious sounding seasonal Green City Market omelet, this week made with spinach, goat cheese, and fava beans, and the breakfast wrap.  Unable to resist the guacamole, I went wrap.  Great decision.  The breakfast wrap was a unique salty-sweet combination of savory shredded pork, scrambled eggs, avocado, black beans, guacamole, and spinach topped with fresh diced mango and served in a flour tortilla.  To keep calories down, I made a point of not joining the clean plate club and left a good portion of the tortilla uneaten – large flour tortillas can pack over 300 hundred calories each!

My fiancé went for the buttermilk pancakes, which were perfectly light and fluffy and topped with a wonderfully artisanal berry jam.  After such a great bunch, we’ll definitely be back again (we do have one more dance lesson).  Maybe next time I’ll try to Green City Market omelet, or, better yet, we’ll check out Sola for dinner.

Try Sola at 3868 N. Lincoln Ave.

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