Splurge: Table 52

The morning after dinner at Table 52, I was in the need of redemption.  Redemption in the form of a torturous workout to atone for the night before.  Totally.  Worth.  It.

Known for its southern comfort food and hospitality, Table 52 in the Near North Side is a gem in the Chicago dinning scene.  We began our meal with complimentary savory deviled eggs topped with salted finely diced red onions.  Next came Table 52’s famous biscuits, also compliments of the chef, which were unapologetically buttery and stuffed with creamy, flavorful goat cheese.

I shared the crab cake appetizer to “start.”  If there was any filler, I didn’t notice.  The crabmeat was lumpy and delicious, the cake expertly browned, and the spicy peppadew puree and sweet corn relish served with the crab cake enhanced what to me was already an impeccable dish.

Crab Cake

For dinner, I had the fish of the day – a plentiful portion of meaty sea bass served with a beautiful medley of potatoes, fresh harvest tomatoes, and *gasp* a poached egg.  I love fish and I love poached eggs, but combining them?  After this dish I can, without hesitation, unequivocally say: YES (and when can I please have it again?).  My fiancé ordered the Sunday special fried chicken and mashed potatoes.  The chicken was moist, the fried outside was crispy, and the mashed potatoes were smooth and buttery.  I thought I was in heaven.

Fried Chicken

But I was wrong.  The definitive slice of southern heaven arrived for dessert in the form of pecan pie.  Made with whole candied pecans and buttery (see a theme here?) shortbread crust, the pie seemed to usher in autumn along with everything else that’s good in this world.  The caramel drizzles, vanilla bean ice cream, and whipped cream served with the pie made it all the more decadent and delicious. Once I work off this meal, I will definitely be back at Table 52.  In the meantime, special accolades to Table 52 and Chef Art Smith for not only serving up unique and splurge-worthy food, but also for sourcing from local Midwest farmers.

Pecan Pie

Try Table 52 at 52 W. Elm Street.

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