Splurge: Hubbard Inn

Question: is the flourless chocolate cake at Hubbard Inn in River North worth the splurge?  Answer: absolutely.  Rich and dense, Hubbard Inn’s chocolate cake triumphs in its simplicity.  At roughly an inch thick and served with powered sugar and whipped cream (strawberry compote is optional), it was so intense we couldn’t even finish it.  That’s how I like my chocolate cake.

Equally impressive was that on a random Tuesday night the place was packed.  While waiting for a table, we hung out at the large downstairs bar, behind which is a giant blackboard displaying drink and menu options.  Hubbard Inn specializes in “the classics,” so we went with an Old Fashioned, always a good test of a bartender’s ability.  It was well made.

Once seated, I shared the mussels and the asparagus and mushroom ragout flatbread.  The mussels were fine, although I was somewhat disappointed when three of the mussels were clearly unopened (and therefore should never be eaten).  The flatbread, however, was amazing.  The crust was perfectly thin and crispy, and the caramelized onions were bursting with sweetness, an excellent contrast to the ricotta salata also served on the pizza.

Try Hubbard Inn at 110 W. Hubbard in River North


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