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The baseball season opens today, not as the national pastime, but a perk for hedge fund millionaires

Back in the day when you could play stickball in the street without having your mother cited by Social Services for child neglect, a bleacher seat at Wrigley Field sold for 50-cents.  In 1952, the cost was up to 60-cents, which caused considerable complaint. Today a season ticket in the bleachers will gut-punch you for... Read more »

Being ‘woke’ is eye-opening. Being ‘awake’ is heart-opening.

I knew just about every familiar slur hurled at the Polish kids in my class at Passaic Senior High School.  Ditto the adaptations for the Italian kids.  And the dozen or so especially demeaning insults reserved for blacks and Asians. Plus the unique taunts set aside for the artsy classmate who couldn’t throw a ball... Read more »