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After 300 posts… time to experience the risks and rewards of life rather than writing about them

This is my last “Cheating Death” post for a while. The pandemic is fading and it’s time to take the ankle bracelet off and leave home confinement. I’ve come to the end of re-visiting events that have been the source of my weekly essays.  I’m going to pause and refuel.  My first post was back... Read more »

The baseball season opens today, not as the national pastime, but a perk for hedge fund millionaires

Back in the day when you could play stickball in the street without having your mother cited by Social Services for child neglect, a bleacher seat at Wrigley Field sold for 50-cents.  In 1952, the cost was up to 60-cents, which caused considerable complaint. Today a season ticket in the bleachers will gut-punch you for... Read more »