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How to add years of joy and meaning to your life

Gulliver travels to America and writes a new chapter of the “misanthropic, satiric anatomy of the human condition.”

I’m watching Congress debate President Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ budget proposal and I think I’m Lemuel Gulliver shipwrecked in the land of Lilliput. Play along with me. Shipwrecked among the tiny Lilliputians Gulliver finds a society whose institutions have fallen into corruption, thwarted by contemptible party politics, and absurd wars. (Is this not America, today!?)... Read more »

What do we refer to when we talk about “doing the work”?

All of us I believe, arrive at adulthood with slights of childhood still needing to be healed. For some, the more fortunate, the wound needs but a suture or two. But many of us have suffered damage that remains problematic for decades. And the healing process can be lengthy. Self-esteem and capacity for love and... Read more »

Delayed response to a birthday come and gone

Can it be that I am done with drama? Maybe I only can get up for the fives-and-tens, as in nine-gasp-oh coming up next year. Or could it be I’m becoming okay with living in a state of equanimity, a psychological condition to which I never give capital. Equanimity! I mean, what kind of wasted... Read more »

A story of pain and more pain based on true events that every senior over age seventy will affirm

The pain really happens. Expect it if it hasn’t hit already. But the point of the story is the ending. Good morning, sweetheart The sudden pain shot up her left leg like a burning fuse, the cramp hardening the calf muscles into a rigid burl, knotted and gnarled. Anna’s grimace was a mixture of agony,... Read more »

When the student is ready, the teacher will come

I was stubborn. Maybe in denial. Or hard of hearing. Or so caught up in my own view of life I couldn’t hear the alternatives, even when they were in my best interest. Whatever the resistance, suddenly, after light years of deafness, I heard the kindly advice that changed my attitude, and my life. My... Read more »

Take a lesson from a top-notch surfer boy (Catch a wave, catch a wave)

Staring at the screen… don’t know what to write, lacking all inspiration or outrage or energy.  Maybe a sugar rush would help… tramping up and down the stairs surreptitiously snatching Hersey Kisses from the frig after spending five minutes on Spell Check trying to spell surreptitiously.  Up and down the stairs… reminds me of my... Read more »

A recurring dream is telling me something… but I think it’s about fifty years too late

It’s starting to annoy me, keeping me from REM and sticking in my mind until the first cuppa kicks in.  I’m having this recurring dream about ambition and possibilities and fame. It’s a curious dream because it is so completely real.  The scenes are familiar as are the dialogue and the characters, so obviously drawn... Read more »

You are a bad-tempered, surly, argumentative, self-centered, cranky and cantankerous old geezer and that’s just for starters

It may be a mean-spirited description of the traits often attributed to old folks, but a good portion of society has stuck it on you. Are old people really quarrelsome, peevish and tetchy? If you don’t have a Thesaurus, listen in to the teenagers’ whispers as you accidently walk in on their sleepover, ‘want to... Read more »

The bad news and the good news for those of us who “ain’t dead yet”

The bad news is, as we age it gets more difficult to wake up each morning with a reason for getting out of bed, never mind facing the day with energy and positivity. The acetaminophen you take for occasional soreness becomes hydrocodone for nagging aches and you call upon all your will power to stop... Read more »

Each year it gets more difficult to Cheat Death. And easier to accept it.

It’s four in the morning of a restless, sleepless night for no apparent reason.  I’m writing from a mysterious source where Dante did his research, the demons escaped once again to bring fear and horror into the sleepless dreams that are more real than life itself. I have run from the Edvard Munch images that... Read more »