The posts on the blog, “Cheating Death: How to Add Years of Joy and Meaning to Your Life,” reach out to men and women at a time in their lives when mortality is not a philosophical concept but a very real number on the actuarial table.  The articles are not about aging, per se, but address how reframing one’s attitude toward inevitable losses in physicality, energy levels and social influence can lead to remarkable gains in joy and personal fulfillment.

Typically the challenges for seniors are associated with the onset of retirement age when leaving the workforce morphs into a loss of one’s life force; or when becoming an empty nester equates to facing an empty life.  The articles take a straightforward look at the realities of aging and what it’s like to be shunted aside like a used car headed for the scrap heap.  But they shift the focus to the positive attributes that come with graying hair and a slowing pace, clearing a space for introspection and appreciation of the joys that await as we move away from the chaos of doing and toward the calm that comes by simply being.