You can pay thousands of dollars for the course or read this post for free

There are many, wonderful programs that offer guides to a new way of living, energizing your personal power to break out of your rut and identify with a new, bigger vision of who you are, empowered, newly alive to unlimited potential. 

The big name workshops charge thousands of dollars for their courses.  And I’m sure they are helpful.  But the trip and what you encounter along the way is the same in a Chevy Spark as it is in a Mercedes-Maybach. Take the economy ride with me.

You’re in a tunnel.  Up ahead you see a glow.  Is it the light at the end of the tunnel offering freedom from the darkness?  Or the headlight of a train barreling toward you!  The choice is between an opening to unlimited options or being the victim of a sad, inescapable ending.

An option that is not so easy to see in real life is now a simplistic enough choice; rather than being a victim, obviously we prefer to believe there is a way out of the tunnel.

And that leads to opportunity.  Out in the light we see a bigger vision of the world.  The gratitude we feel as the light of the universe surrounds us leads to a new appreciation of what we formerly took for granted and motivates us to be more, do more. We become the light.

The very nature of our perception of the universe begins to change.  Ultimately, even allowing for the colorations of religion and science, we trace our origins to a common source. Be it the explosion of a star or Adam molded from clay, at our core is a common DNA. 

It dawns on us that we are so much more than a sentient man; within us is the light; we are the light.

And when we recognize the light within us, our perception of the true nature of reality is changed.  We function with a new, empowered operating system.  By looking within, accessing this new awareness, we literally have the means to tap into the power of the universe.

On the surface, the world is unchanged, same politics, problems and personal perplexities.  Life looks the same, but now we identify with a bigger vision.  We partner with the universal energy to co-create a new story.

That’s the economy ride because you have to do all the work.  But really, there are no shortcuts, however many fancy titles to the courses, Quantum Powers, Fear the Fear, The How of Happiness, Mindfulness, Awaken the Giant Within, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, The Power of Now… all of it genuinely helpful and justifying every dollar. 

IF you follow the curriculum… more than that, unwaveringly give yourself over to the program.  So does it matter if the folders are artistic and glossy, the speaker articulate and intensely convincing with a hint of tongue-in-cheek humor?  You must do the work on your own!

You’ve finished my free self-help course.  Make the Certificate of Graduation yourself.

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