Ten years ago, I was not the man I used to be. Now I’m not the man I was ten years ago!

My body is getting older.  Not so the brain.  Which often finishes the New York Times Crossword puzzle and is still sharp and alert. Which can be a problem, lest I’m at a rousing party and get an impulse to try that jitterbug move I’m famous for and land up in the drummer’s lap. Case... Read more »

Aspiring to the spotlight, followed invariably by petulance, jealousy and the ascendancy of all my bad angels.

There may be men and women who have fought and blustered their way to the top of the heap without compromising their personal integrity, but I can’t name one.  The list sure as hell doesn’t have my name on it.  It takes far too much effort – and ego run amok – to be in... Read more »

It’s a conflict to believe in love, yet feel the rage within

Each morning I appeal to the universe to grant me a day that brings joy and meaning into my life.  “May I be in peace,” I ask, “May my heart remain open.”   The ritual puts a bounce to my step as I welcome the warming sun and pour my coffee.  Content, I sip my cuppa... Read more »

Watching the movie of your life in the doctor’s office

I had a bit of a scare.  Something similar to a symptom of something bad.  I didn’t freak; I took care of business. But I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t consider all the scenarios, including the dreaded one that starts with a close-up of a young kid in bed, eyes wide open staring at... Read more »

How do you not get paranoid when half the country is bat s--t crazy and pushing for a return to the antebellum South

How do you not get paranoid when half the country is bat s--t crazy and pushing for a return to the antebellum South
As the old saying goes, “It isn’t paranoia if they’re really out to get you.”  And they are. When Liz Cheney, a staunch Conservative intractable in her right wing views, was booted from her leadership position in the House of Representatives, the Trumpublican Party made it clear it is fully committed to the rump of... Read more »

Between the Buddha and the Bubbas

Recently a friend of mine wrote that he had detected a kinder tone to my posts, citing columns from past months that praised the boundless compassion of the precious few who can see good in all people. I take his kind words as a sign of progress for there is nothing I subscribe to more... Read more »

For a brief moment I embrace the globe and walk in everyman’s’ shoes

The sun is Saharan hot, warning me to set my beach chair close to Arlene’s lounger to find a slice of the circle of shade cast by the umbrella.  She is listening to a pod cast on her cell phone, her half closed eyes signaling some deep stuff is riding the audio. Sitting shoulder to... Read more »

Go directly to voice mail

I get this a lot from my younger friends doing their best to ease the stress of the daily grind. “What! Going on vacation again?  You’re retired, aren’t you always on vacation?” It is true I’m not punching a clock but I don’t wake up every morning radiating enthusiasm for all the fun I’m going... Read more »

Living as long as a Galapagos tortoise is not for me

Imagine living to 170 years!  It may be possible, and closer than you think.  Biogerontology, the study of the biological processes involved in aging, is closing in on research that can lead to the reprogramming of our biology to slow or reverse the inevitability of getting old. The Galapagos tortoise is cited as an example... Read more »

Tonight you’ll have dinner with the country’s greediest, soul-less corporate farmers

Back in the day when you could eat a beefsteak tomato like a ripe apple and not die from pesticide, the “farm stand” was a common sight.  You’d find dozens of them a short ride out of town to the nearby truck farms, as they were called, where the outdoor tables would groan from freshly... Read more »