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Underage drinking after homecoming: "It's all good as long as nobody pukes in my house"

Underage drinking after homecoming: "It's all good as long as nobody pukes in my house"
When my  oldest daughter was in preschool, I remember having to walk a very long way through the halls of the large grade school in order to pick her up.  While waiting, I was chatting with another mom and she said she left her other kid in the car.  I refrained from screaming, “WHAT? ARE... Read more »

Awesome Homemade Halloween Costumes

Have a halloween party this weekend?  The best and worst part is coming up with a costume.  I’m not a big fan of going to the Halloween super stores and paying a $100 for a cheaply made costume.  I love the creativity and adventure of coming up with unique characters. I did hit an all... Read more »

Let's Party - unique kid's birthday ideas

Let's Party - unique kid's birthday ideas
I’m typically a ‘have it at home’ party mom, but my kids have been attendees at some insane celebrations.  Whenever I’m at one of these over the top gatherings, it’s difficult not to wonder how much those parties set parent’s back.  You can always pack a picnic and make your own fun in Millennium or... Read more »

8th grade graduation from middle school - not a big deal

Last night I went to my oldest child’s 8th grade graduation.  Everyone around us was making a huge deal about it.  Planning parties, dinners and grand celebrations.  They’ve purchased new dresses, suits and cakes.  Many have gotten the pre-ordered video and set up times for the professional photographer.  Had hair and make-up professionally done. Am... Read more »

Celtic Fest Chicago - Free Event this Weekend in Millennium Park

Saturday May 8th and Sunday May 9th, Chicago will host Celtic Fest in Millennium Park.  The celebration will be happening from 11 am – 9 pm both days. This festival is put on to educate the public and celebrate Celtic music and culture from the 7 Celtic nations which include:  Ireland; Scotland; Isle of Man;... Read more »