5 things I hate about Cyber Monday

5 things I hate about Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is becoming more hype than deep discounts. After a day of searching the web, I’ve concluded that these are the things that are wrong with the system:

1. My email is littered with spam and scams alerting me to the latest “non-deal” – I want a disclaimer on my email – “Serious inquiries only”

2. Pretty much everything is out of stock in the sizes I need. I didn’t get the midnight jump on things like I was hoping to and it’s really limiting my selections.

3. It’s difficult to find exactly what is on sale. Black Friday ads are everywhere, but because stores would rather the consumers purchase early, they don’t advertise the Monday deals until last minute in order to maximize their Friday profits. Therefore, it’s difficult to find the best deals.

4. FOMO – Fear of missing out. I haven’t purchased anything today and am feeling like I need to take advantage of SOMETHING. Black Friday/Cyber Monday – the ultimate FOMO

5. Sites crash – Have you been on Target yet? I tried to get a simple Lego set and it said I was in a never-ending virtual line. Uhm, isn’t that the point of shopping online? NO lines?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll still work on searching for the perfect deal today – even though I know it doesn’t exist. I’m like a teenage girl when it comes to taking advantage of serious discounts – my FOMO is in overdrive.


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