10 terrible tips to train my puppy

Two months ago my family adopted a shelter puppy.

My biggest concern was making sure she got along with the eight year old dog we already had.  However, after seeing them run in the yard, wrestle most of the day and sleep in the same bed, I wondered how we could have deprived our only dog of a playmate for all these years.  Life was good.

Then the coyote showed up.

My husband and the two dogs had a coyote encounter that scared the puppy so badly, that I’m not sure she’ll ever be the same.  When she gets excited or scared now, she pees.  If the doorbell rings, everyone bolts for the dog to run her out the backdoor.   If I leave the room for too long and come back, she gets excited and pees.  The vet told us that most dogs just grow out of it…and some just don’t.

I started with the internet and friends.  Does ANYONE know of ANYONE that can solve my sweet puppy’s bladder control problem?  I interviewed and met with at least 25 trainers.  Here are just a few of the nuggets I’ve received from the “professionals”:

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