Kony 2012: April 20th is a day for action

This is the video that is taking over the World.  I actually learned about Joseph Kony last year when I viewed his original interview video.  I've been keeping it on my desktop and in my mind wondering what I could actually do with this disturbing information.  My daughter just came home with information from her History class regarding Kony 2012.  I can't even get her to recycle and she is completely fired up to do something about this.  It's more powerful than I'm able to describe in words.

Amen.  Invisible Children is doing something about this.The World is doing something about this horrific man.  Watch this video and take action on April 20th.  There is a facebook link that will help guide you.

Another fellow blogger, Becoming Nikki Lynette also has some great information on this movement.


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  • I'm glad you wrote about this. I only learned of it yesterday while I watched the video with my youngest. It's a great call to action for the younger generations and an example of the good social media can do, IMO. FYI, we tried ordering the kit yesterday, or the t-shirt my daughter wanted to buy with her own money, and they were sold out of everything. :(

  • In reply to jtithof:

    Same here - we looked everywhere. We're going out that night. There's a big meet up by Navy Pier, but I'm trying to go a little more local

  • Ya know you can make your own t-shirts and posters for this. There are many places I believe trying to make a buck as they get in on the cause. If your intentions are to really make a difference then create your own shirt and posters, and send the money you would have used for purchasing one as a donation to invisible children directly. This is where it will make the biggest impact.

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