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Using A Translator For Foreign-Speaking Witnesses Doesn't Mean The Witness Is Deaf!

Huh?  Okay, I’ll explain. I have a client, whom I love, whom shall remain nameless, who elevates his voice to 90 decibels whenever he’s taking a deposition using a translator. Here is an example of decibel levels so you get the picture: Example of decibels DECIBEL SOUND EXAMPLE 75 Constant sound Busy restaurant around lunchtime... Read more »

How To Spot A Fake Court Reporter

There are some things that can be faked without dire consequences–high-end bags, shoes, watches, and apparel, to name a few. Whenever I visit New York, I’m amazed by the number of street vendors peddling an array of counterfeited luxury items, everything from Lois Vuitton to Rolex.  While I would agree with Milton Pedraza, CEO of... Read more »

Theft of Services, Part Deux

My recent blog Unauthorized Sharing of Deposition and Court Transcripts, Theft of Services? got me thinking back to some not-so-funny attempts by uneducated lawyers trying to obtain free transcripts from my company.  So much so that I am forced to write Theft of Services, Part Deux. Years and years ago, an attorney who shall remain nameless... Read more »

Unauthorized Sharing of Deposition and Court Transcripts, Theft of Services?

This morning’s coffee just wasn’t doing the trick.  My body wasn’t awake yet.  Until I opened my email.  An email from a reporter who works with our firm was more impactful than three cups of coffee when she alerted me to a conversation at her deposition yesterday that went something like this: OPPOSING COUNSEL:  I... Read more »

Giving Away Transcripts And Shit Like That

So I’m in a deposition yesterday.  Nothing unusual.  See, it’s not unusual to receive a spur-of-the-moment panicked phone call from a law firm looking for a court reporter to cover a deposition in the Chicago suburbs that started 30 minutes earlier.  Yeah, not unusual at all. I obliged.  Because the thought of having five attorneys assembled around... Read more »

Taking the "Free" out of "Freelance" in Court Reporting

Back in the day — there’s a phrase that makes me feel old — attorneys and judges alike used to refer to court reporters as the most important person in the room.  Yes, I still hear that phrase uttered, but today it sounds more like a throw-away line, a phrase said to placate reporters or... Read more »

The Dine-And-Dash In Court Reporting: The Unpaid Invoices Epidemic

Every court reporting agency owner has experienced it, those clients who don’t like paying their bills.  Who among us could blame them?  If we could all get away with selectively not paying for goods and services thereby reserving more in our bank accounts for our own personal entertainment and/or living expenses that we want to... Read more »

Why Court Reporters Need Fast Passes For Obstacle Court (aka The Daley Center)

Why Court Reporters Need Fast Passes For Obstacle Court (aka The Daley Center)
As anyone who finds themselves on the legal playground of Cook County, Illinois, knows, The Daley Center is a thrill ride like no other.  Beyond the weathered Van Der Rohe facade lies a dated and crumbling interior that time forgot, what I like to think of as Cook County’s version of Jurassic Park.  It’s a... Read more »

1,001 Reasons To Hate Justin Bieber: Dropping An F-Bomb On The Court Reporter

Thumbnail image for '1,001 Reasons To Hate Justin Bieber:  Dropping An F-Bomb On The Court Reporter'
Justin Bieber Dropping An F-Bomb On A Court Reporter Until now, I only had 1,000 reasons to hate Justin Bieber.  Thanks, Biebs, for giving me one more reason not to like you.  Honestly, I was never a fan of your music, but you’ve made it increasingly difficult to tolerate your behavior over the years.  You’ve... Read more »

Thanks, Arizona, for Senate Bill 1062. You Make Illinois Look Normal!

I wanted to stay out of the political fray.  Really, I did.  No good can come from publicly expressing one’s political views–there’ll always be a louder voice with an opposing view.  But the mere drafting of Arizona Senate Bill 1062 one begs — pleads for — nah, it screams for a response from the great State of... Read more »